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Pin Cushion Body Piercing at

Purple Rose Tattoo Studio

Our reputable and modern studio is located in the beautiful city of Bristol.

Pin Cushion body piercing provides a friendly and professional service to all its clients and we’re happy to answer any questions or quieres you may have.

Our resident Body piercer Boo has over 14 years experience and an extensive portfolio of work, joining the 'furniture' team of Purple Rose Tattoo studio.

Boo trained and worked alongside Marcus Henderson of 777 Body Piercing who has an excellence in body piercing since 1989.

Joining the Pin Cushion team in 2019 our junior piercer Keren.

Keren has been trained under the watchful eyes of Boo She currently offers a full range of ear piercings and nostril piering.

The team applies professionalism with every process and insures that all procedures are carried out with the highest level of hygiene and precision. At the studio's we offer a full range of body piercing including intimate piercings,

Boo also specialises in Dermal punching, Microdermal implants and other Mod. The studio aims to make your body piercing a relaxed, safe and enjoyable experience. Once your piercing is complete you will be given full verbal aftercare as well as written just in case. We also encourages our clients to return for regular check ups in order for us to monitor the healing process and insure everything is settling perfect Every piercing is carried out using an implant grade medical titanium. We also stock nickel negative implantium, all manufactured in the EU and exceeding the EU nickel directive.

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